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Introducing "The Pocket Instructor™" Series

STL 2nd ed Cover



  • 82 pages (two-page spreads)
  • 68 color photos with technical explanations and settings
  • 8 practice exercises with step-by-step instructions and questions to hone your skills


The updated and improved 2nd edition includes 6 additional pages, revised text throughout, 23 new images, and a new discussion on the color of light and meaning.


Seeing the Light in Outdoor Photography (2nd ed.)
by Colleen Miniuk

$9.95 (eBook-PDF)


Are seeing the light with your photography? 


How an outdoor photographer utilizes and records light in an image can make the difference between an award-winning shot and one headed for the trash! 


With this in-depth study on natural light, learn how to create shape, mood, and meaning in your images by:


  • Identifying the light’s direction
  • Associating the color of light with meaning
  • Predicting the changing quantity and quality of light throughout the day
  • Modify the light with reflectors, diffusers, and filters
  • Recording unique photographs during varying types of weather patterns like rainbows, the Earth's shadow, and fog


By understanding the behavior of natural light, you can take your photographs to the next level without pressing any buttons on your camera!